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This book is a detailed examination of the Israeli-Palestinian relations in the past and at present.

It analyzes the agreements concluded or signed since 1993, discusses the development of democracy, the status of human rights in the autonomous areas and in Israel, as well as the foreign relations of Israel and its most important domestic controversies.

"Peace Enemies" has been translated from German and published by the Palestinian Academic Society for the Study of International Affairs - PASSIA.

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Contents - Foreword
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On the History of Palestine and Israel
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The Peace Process in Israel and Palestine
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The Human Rights of the Palestinians Under Israeli Occupation and Palestinian Autonomy
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Israel's Role in the International System and in the Middle East
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Israel between Western Democracy and Religious Fundamentalism
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Selected Comments:

"This book is the most comprehensive and well based study about Palestinian-Arab-Israeli relations that has appeared in Germany. The book is highly recommended", in: The Jerusalem Times, Januar 2000.

"La grande qualite du livre de Ludwig Watzal, est son approche globale du conflit israelo-palestinien, dont il es un des meilleurs connaisseurs en Allemagne", in: Le Monde diplomatique, April 1999.

"Watzal writes from a German perspective ... The peace process is a bluff, as far as Watzal is concerned. It serves Israel as a means by which it continues its struggle against the Palestinians ... Watzal is most convincing in his exposure of the ´peace process` as a continued occupation of almost all of historical Palestine by Israel ... From someone as perceptive and bold as Watzal, one would have liked to hear not only about the past, but also about the future.", in: Journal of Palestine Studies, 110 (1999) 2.

"One of the most comprehensive, most competent, but unfortunately also most pessimistic publications that has been published for a long time.", in: International - Zeitschrift für Internationale Politik (Austria), 3/1998.

"Whoever wants to inform herself/himself in an unprejudiced manner regarding Israel must read this book. It offers insights into a country that are elsewhere considered taboo.", in: Sicherheitspolitik (Switzerland), January 1999.

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